Group Bus Parking Reservation

Group Bus Parking Reservation
Reservation with this Group Bus Parking Reservation Form is recommended.

●Advance reservation for Group Bus Parking is necessary.
※the parking charge is free.
●Please note your reservation may not be accepted during busy periods.
●「Coupon Sheet」is given to groups who reserve a group bus parking space in advance
※Please note: coupon sheet cannot be issued if you do not have a reservation.
●You are required to answer the questions with *

【 Contact 】
Okinawa Outlet Mall ASHIBINAA
TEL:0120-15-1427 Registration Time: 10:00~18:00
※ Please ask if you have any questions.

Details* year  month  day
※reservation is accepted until 5pm on the day before your visit.
Arrival time* ※please let us know in advance if your scheduled date and time changes.
Departure time
Group name*
number in your party/ number of buses people  buses
Bus company’s name*
your place of departure from abroad
※please fill in your country name if you choose“from abroad”.

Your information
Your company’s name* ※ Please fill in your company’s official name
branch name
the name of the contact person*
Sending pamphlet
Address (pamphlet will be sent to this address if you chose ‘no’ above.)
telephone number*
FAX number*
tour conductor* without
※if you come with a tour conductor, please fill in his or her name.
tour conductor’s phone number
※if you come with a tour conductor, please fill in his or her phone number.
Would you like the mall’s information sent to the FAX number you filled in above?

※Privacy Policy (essential reading)
■If your group has made a reservation for lunch or dinner, please click here. Please print and fill in the application form, then please FAX it to us.