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Introducing the recommended “Men's Business Leather Bag” series.

Split leather (leather coated with urethane surface) is used,

There is a property that is less likely to be scratched than normal leather.

Both 2way and 3way types have shoulders,

3way type can be backpack.

Functionally enhanced items such as PC storage and pockets divided for use ◎

★ HOMME Men's Business Leather Bag ★
☆ 2way type(right)
・Color: Black / Navy / Light Gray
・ Material : cowhide leather
・ Price : 37,000yen → 23,000yen + tax

☆ 3way type(left)
・ Color : Black
・ Material : cowhide leather
・ Price : 43,000yen → 26,000yen + tax

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