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agnés b.


From Agnes b.

Introducing recommended Christmas gifts to Men's.
Long wallet A and wallet B are soft leather and have good skin familiarity.
A simple design that can be used by a wide range of generations.
For those who prefer more individual items,
One of the icons of Agnes, the motif of leather or lizard
How about a unique and playful item?
Wallet + key chain in the same series
A gift is also recommended.
Please come to the store at this opportunity.
★ Agnes b. Recommended Christmas Gift Men's Series ★ (From left)
☆ Logo Long Wallet A
・ Color: Black
・ Material: Cowhide
・ Price: 25,000yen → 12,500yen + tax

☆ Logo Wallet B
・ Color: Black
・ Material: Cowhide
・ Price: 22,000yen → 11,000yen + tax
☆ Lizard pass case
・ Color: Black
・ Material: Cowhide
・ Price: 13,000yen → 6,500yen + tax
☆ Logo Keychain
・ Color: Black
・ Material: Cowhide
・ Price: 7,500yen → 5,200yen + tax
☆ Studs key holder
・ Color: Black
・Material: sheep leather
・ Price: 7,000yen → 4,700yen + tax

☆  Lizard Mini Wallet
・ Color: Brown
・ Material: Cowhide
・ Price: 23,000yen → 16,100yen + tax
☆ agnes b. Logo & Leather Keychain
・ Color: Black (logo) / Brown (Lizard)
・ Material: Cowhide
・ Price: 12,000yen → 8,400yen + tax
We look forward to your visit from all the staff.