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From To b by agnes b.

New item "Star Long Cardigan & Logo Long T-shirt"

Has arrived.

The T-shirt has a one-point logo embroidered on the left chest,

Tob that you can wear all year round.

Long cardigan

100% cotton soft and warm thread 

that feels good and is compatible with pants ◎

Star pattern in the pocket,

Embroidered message is added to the sleeves by Agnes

It is an item like Tob!

Because there is a limited quantity in popular products,

Please come to the store early on this occasion.

★ Tob. Star Long Cardigan & Logo Long T-shirt ★
☆ Star Long Cardigan
・ Color: Gray / Black
・Size: Free
・ Price: 25,300yen → 16,000yen + tax

☆ Logo Long T-shirt
・ Color: White / Black
・ Size: 38 (M) / 40 (L)
・ Price: 6,900yen → 5,400yen + tax

☆ Enamel shoulder bag
・ Color: Red / Pink / Black
・ Material: Cowhide
・ Price: 37,000yen → 18,500yen + tax

We look forward to your visit from all the staff.