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agnés b.


From agnes b.

Introducing the “Iconic Nylon Bag” series to 

commemorate the 40th anniversary.

Pearl dot button familiar with cardigans 

with the role of opening and closing function

It is a recommended item as a design point.

Please come to the store at this opportunity.

★ Pearl dot button nylon back series ★
☆ Tote Bag (Large) ※Photo (Center)
・ Color: Navy / Red / Yellow / Light blue
・ Price: 10,500yen + tax

☆ Tote bag (middle) ※Photo (back right)
・ Color: Yellow
・ Price: 10,000yen + tax

☆ Tote bag (small) ※Photo (right)
・ Color: Red
・ Price: 6,000yen + tax

☆ Backpack ※Photo (back left)
・ Color: Red / Orange
・ Price: 7,000yen + tax

☆ Shoulder bag ※Photo (front left)
・ Color: Navy / Yellow
・ Price: 9,000yen + tax

We look forward to your visit from all the staff.