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From agnes b.

Introducing the recommended "Men's Leather Bag" series.

The logo “agnes b.” Is casually engraved,

Simple and functional item.

Please come to the store at this opportunity.

★ Men's leather bag series ★
☆ Leather tote bag ※Photo (left back)
・ Color: Black / Gray
・ Material: Cowhide
・ Price: 31,800yen + tax

☆ Leather tote bag (with studded shoulder)  ※Photo (right)
・ Color: Black / Gray
・Material: sheep leather
・ Price: 26,000yen + tax

☆ Leather backpack ※Photo (middle)
・ Color: Gray only
・ Material: Cowhide
・ Price: 33,000yen + tax

☆ Leather shoulder bag ※Photo (front)
・ Color: Gray only
・ Material: Cowhide
・ Price: 29,400yen + tax

We look forward to your visit from all the staff.