Do you have holidays?
No, we are open 365 days a year (except in cases of natural disaster and maintenance.)
Is your parking charge free?
Yes, it is. We have capacity for about 1000 cars.
Do you have pay phones?
Yes, our pay phones accept telephone cards and coins.
Are goods on sale now?

Outlet malls sell goods with 30% to 80% discount on retail price. These goods are simply overstocks, samples or discontinued lines, meaning you can buy goods at reasonable prices here every day.

We have information about special offers, deals and promotions running during ASHIBINAA Festival – check back and find out more.
Are there any events now?
For further information about the mall's events, please click here.
We run various events.
Do you sell Okinawan souvenirs?
They are available at the shops listed below. For further information, please check each shop's details.
Okinawa speciality goods shop MIYARABI
Ryukyu no Sato
brown sugar KANASA
Can your goods be bought on the net?
Is mail-order service available?
Online shopping is not available.
Please contact each shop about their goods and individual policies.