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SHOP OPEN / 10:00AM ~ 08:00PM
901-0225 Toyosaki 1-188, Tomigusuku city, Okinawa prefecture


Sightseeing Guide

Tourist facilities

Experience the history and culture of the Ryuku Kingdom at OKINAWA WORLD. Our theme park features amazing attractions such as “Gyokusendou”, 300,000 year old underground coral caverns, Ryukyu Kingdom Castle Town where you can experience a reconstructed Ryukyu street, the Habu Museum Park, the Tropical Fruit Garden which has 100 different types of 450 plants, and even a perfectly reconstructed Ryukyu kingdom trading ship. While you’re here, don’t forget to also catch one of the daily performances of Acer, the traditional Okinawan art form.

■Address / 901-0616 Tamagusu maekawa 1336, Nanjyo city, Okinawa prefecture
■TEL/098-949-7421 ■FAX/098-949-7100
■Business hour/ April~October/09:00AM~06:30PM, November~March/09:00AM~06:00PM
※Admission until one hour before closing
■Access/take a bus No.54 or No.83 from 「Naha bus terminal」, get off at 「Gyokusendou-mae」
Alternatively, we are about 30 minutes by car from Naha airport, or about 8 minutes by car from Haebaruminami IC on Okinawa express way.
Entrance fee (Child = 4 to junior high, high school students are counted as adults)
○Free passport (Gyokusen cave・Okoku village, Habu Museum Park)
Adult 1,600 yen, child 800 yen (over 15 people = adult 1,400 yen, child 700 yen)
○Gyokusen cave and Okoku village
Adult 1,200 yen, Child 600 Yen (Over 15 people=adult 1,000 yen, child 500 yen)
○Okoku village and Habu museum park
Adult 1,100 yen, Child 550 yen (over 15 people = adult 900 yen, child 450 yen)
○Okoku village
Adult 600 yen child 300yen (over 15 people = adult 500 yen, child 250 yen)

You’ll never be stuck for something to do at our theme park, whether you want Ryukyu culture, entertainment or just the chance to experience the beautiful Okinawan surroundings. Feel the breeze and the sound of the sanshin at the recreated Ryukyu dynasty red tiled houses, where you can even enjoy strolling around the gardens in authentic Ryukyu style costume and participate in the twice daily Michijunee (Okinawan parade). Okinawan arts are also showcased at events such as Ryukyu dancing, Eisa dancing, and Shishimai lion dancing. The garden house has been registered as an official Japanese cultural property since May 2007.

■Experience menu
Bingata class 1500 yen, Fabric class from 1000yen, Sanshin class 800yen, ceramic art class 3000yen, Ryukyu style costume rental from 2000yen

■Address/904-0416 Yamada 1130, Onna son, kunigamigun, Okinawa prefecture ■telephone/098-965-1234
■Opening times/08:30AM~05:30PM(open 7 days a week・last order 05:00PM)
※Our village is wheelchair friendly.
■Parking/200 cars (free)
■Access to Ryukyu village/
Find us about 30 km north on route 58 from Naha airport. The journey by chartered bus, taxi, or car takes around 40 minutes. Alternatively, take an Okinawa or Ryukyu bus bound for Nago from Naha. Alight at 『Ryukyumura』
The journey should take about 60 minutes.
■Entrance fee/Adult 840 yen・school age 730yen ・Child 420 yen  ※10% discount for over 20 people.

Made using traditional techniques, Ryukyu glass is full of tropical sparkle. Come and see how we make these beautiful objects in our glass workshop!

■Address/901-0345 Fukuji 169, Itoman city, Okinawa prefecture.  ■telephone/098-997-4784
■Opening time/9:00AM~06:00PM (open 7 days a week)

The Chinen Marine Leisure Center is located about 40 minutes east of ASHIBINAA on Route 331, and in Nanjyo city facing the Pacific Ocean. You’ll know that your destination is just around the corner when you see the beautiful emerald-colored ocean and a dolphin on our orange gates.
We are looking forward to assisting you with a variety of exciting marine activities such as glass bottomed boat trips and guided tours to the islands.

■Address/ 901-1511 Chinenkudeken 676, Nanjyo city, Okinawa prefecture
■Entrance fee/free ■Parking space/ free (150 car capacity)
■Opening time/9:00AM~5:30PM (4/1~9/30) 9:00AM~5:00PM(10/1~3/31)


Selling a variety of Okinawan souvenirs.

■address/900-0036 2-4-17 nishi, Naha city, Okinawa prefecture
■Opening times/9:00AM~6:00PM

Experience the authentic Southern island atmosphere at Nago Pineapple Park, a beautiful paradise full of pine trees and banana flowers. After touring the park in one of our unique “Pineapple” vehicles and experiencing the beauty of these exotic trees and flowers, come back and sample a wide variety of our products such as pineapple wine and juice. And of course, there’s always as much pineapple as you’d like to eat!

■Address/1195 Tamemata, Nago City, Okinawa Pref. 905-0005, JAPAN
■TEL/0980(53)3659 ■FAX/0980(53)0421
■Entrance fee/ Adult (over the age of junior high school students) 500yen Child (elementary school student) 250yen ※children under elementary school age go free
10% discount for a group of more than 15 people
■Parking area/100cars and 20 buses can be parked. ・parking is free.
■Business hour/9:00~18:00・open 7 days a week

Tourist information

Okinawa Tourist Information Convention Bureau offers information about travel in Okinawa as well as the history, nature, culture, festivals, and events of the islands.

Okinawa Tourist Information Convention Bureau Foundation
■Address/2F Okinawa sangyosien center, 1831-1 Aza Oroku, Naha city Okinawa Pref. 901-0152, JAPAN.