What is an outlet?

Outlet products are items that cannot be sold at catalogue price, such as discontinued items and sample products - although they are discounted, the quality is always excellent. Each shop is operated by an authorized distributor and an official agent, and is always full of tempting products! Please enjoy your time outlet shopping.

World leading new resort in Okinawa

「ASHIBINAA」 can be found under the bright sun and in the beautiful coral blue sea of Okinawa, an energetic, mysterious and uniquely historical South Sea paradise.
The resort space itself is packed with nature, history and culture, yet also has modern streets full of world-famous branded items at amazing prices.
「ASHIBINAA」 is complete with attractions such as shopping and resort living, offering a great way to enjoy Okinawa.

Greek-style building floating in an emerald green sea

On seeing Okinawa for the first time, architect Mr. John Law was impressed by the beauty of the islands and struck by how similar they were to the beautiful landscapes of Greece.
Given the concept of "outlet mall with an emphasis on European brands", he designed a building in the style of ancient Greek architecture with modern stylish touches and, of course, elements of the unique native Okinawan style. This brilliant combination of two cultures completes the mall.

※Mr. John Law
Based in Dallas and Tokyo, Mr John Law is chief architect at world-renowned LLT. The winner of international competitions (such as the contest to design commercial facilities in Vienna Station), he creates ambitious and unique pieces which are always the center of attention.

World wide branded shopping in a great location

Not only does 「ASHIBINAA」 boast a great location and extensive grounds, we also stock more than 100 popular brands – including many brands which are new to Japan. With 「ASHIBINAA」, you can enjoy shopping in a fantastic environment with quality branded products at a reasonable price.
And it doesn't end there.

Sociable "ASHIBINAA"

"ASHIBINAA" means a place where young and old get together. In Okinawa, the word 'ASHIBINAA has long been used as the word 'play yard' – it is said each village in Okinawa had one ASHIBINAA, or play yard.
Now, "Okinawa Outlet Mall ASHIBINAA" has become the modern play yard, featuring entertainment, social events and functions which showcase the unique Okinawan culture.